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On the strength of Declaration of Alma-Ata,Primary Health Care is the key to the promotion & attainment of quality in Health.Arriving in the 21st century,the necessity &genuineness of Health Care for responding to the needs of the modern society of current & future in the area of Health & Treatment have been given emphasize.

Disposable Medical Equipment is one of the most crucially known instruments in achieving Health purpose,that has fortunately gained traction in the Iranian Society of today such that accessibility for all Iranian & Iranian Medical Centers to this type of necessary services is an essential part of the health system & socio-economic development of country.

In this regards:

Elham Teb Company (Private Joint Stock) as one of the vaguard companies started its operation in October 1989,aiming at producing standard disposable medical equipment that is used in hospitals & medical centers,& since the early 90s, with the spread of hospital infections,the specialists of this company began to install & commission sterilization equipment in order to strile medical devices to reduce & control infections.

Also the first & the largest producer of disposable medical devices including surgury packs,anti-allergy adhesive tapes,succeded in getting a manufacturing license from the Ministry of Health & Treatment as well as diffrent international verification on quality & management.

The Production lines of this company include:

The Machinery for production of Medical Clothes,gowns,Steri-Drapes & adhesive Medical Strips.

The Machinery for production of Masks & caps for surgeons & patients

Automatic Bed Sheet Manufacturing Machinery

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