Gowns & Packs

14102EReinforced surgical Gown(With Laminated Front)W/TowelPiece
24103EReinforced surgical Gown(With Laminated Front & Sleeves)W/TowelPiece
34104ESpoun Lace Surgical Gown Code 1W/TowelPiece
44104ESpoun Lace Surgical Gown Code 2W/TowelPiece
54104ESpoun Lace Surgical Gown Code 3W/TowelPiece
64104ESpoun Lace Surgical Gown Code 4W/TowelPiece
74108Spounbond White CoatGeneralPiece
84109Spounbond White Coat (with button)GeneralPiece
94110Scrub Gown SpounbondGeneralPack
104111Scrub Gown with pants SpounbondGeneralPack
114112Scrub Gown with pants(for baby)SpounbondGeneralPack
124000-EHeart PackOne
134100-EOrthopedic PackOne
144200-EGeneral PackOne
154300-EAnjiography PackW/One
164400 1-ESezarian PackOne
174400 2-ENero PackOne
184500-ED&C PackOne
194600-EUrulogy PackOne
204700-Eeye PackOne
214800-Epreganancy PackOne
224900-EAnjiography PackOne
235000-ELaproscopy PackOne
245001-EArtroscopy PackOne

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